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9/15/07 "Webcomic Buddies"
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Sorry for no Update Yesterday, was out really late.

You remember Mark, he does Autumn Lake. Yup he also gave me some awesome guest comics. Subsequently I've become friendly with Mustela of World 2, Courtney over at Marksville, Kyle and Noah at Vacant and Engaged(Kyle resembles me haha), and I have even got a kind word from David Buist who does Taking the Bi-Pass.

I just wanted to finish this fan week with a Thank you to everybody. Everybody who takes time out of their day to read my comic. You make this comic worthwhile. LOVE YOU ALL!!

"You were everything I wanted. But I just can't finish what I started. There's no room left here on my back. It was damaged long ago. Though you swear that you are true. I'd still pick my friends over you."
(My Friends Over You, A New Found Glory)
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