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12/16/08 "Still Lost"
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When I think about it all I want out of life is to live on my own, have money to pay bills and do whatever I want. How I'd get there I still have no idea. I think in this I'm getting pissed cause I'm not working towards anything. I'm just working at the store, drawing a comic here or there, and play video games. Other then that I don't work to some goal. Funny thing is I don't know what I wanna work towards. Cause I also worry that at the other side I'll be no closer then I am now. I think up to this point has freaked me out. Going to college and all that and I'm still at home. I guess I believed in that whole go to college and then you'll have a job, which happen to some but not to me.

Bah, well the season is almost up, so I need to figure out a plan. Cause my large amount of hours will be cut as soon as the season is over. *sigh*

Later folks.

"This is how to build a better enemy. We work together and we get it done. I'm not exactly who I used to be. So shut your mouth or else you're fucking gone."
(G, Reggie And The Full Effect)
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