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12/9/08 "Bedroom Scene"
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Couple things about this comic. First thing is that the things I'm thinking while sleeping are actual things I dream about just before I wake up. I feel an anxiety that I'm at work in my dreams. It kinda feels like when I dream about being chased or something. Two in keeping with my newly discovered joy of adding some detail to my drawings. My bedroom is (somewhat) accurately represented in this comic. And the thing to the left of me in the last panel is not Gnomes or elves. They're actually Goku and Vegeta as super sayiens.

Well that's about it. Talk to you all manana.

"It's nothing I'll forget when the moon gets tired. You are stuck to me everyday. Believe in what I am because it's all I have today. And tomorrow who knows where we'll be. From here I can hardly see a thing. But I will follow anyone who brings me to you. For now, forever, for on and on and on."
(Every Thug Needs A Lady, Alkaline Trio)
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