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3/2/08 "They're Friends"
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You guys will think it's sentimental or you'll think I'm insulting you. I'm confident in the former.

Sorry for the briefness yesterday. I had only a small window to do my comic and I didn't feel like being long winded. But I'm doing something in the spirit of a zine. Meaning, I'm making copies of an 11x17 piece of paper and giving it away. What will be on this piece of paper will be my comics and drawings, to be seen be some. I think I'm coming close to a name, but any suggestions(anything futurama related would be awesome) would be appreciated. So let me hear em.

That is all till tomorrow.

"Well I'm a wreck. I really can't explain it but I hear the music when I look at you. Orchestrating the song to accommodate the moment. Well, I'm so in love with you."
(Soundtrack For Our Movie, Mae)
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