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4/9/08 "I just want my megaphone back"
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I think I've just been focusing too much on doing jokes. Which I feel was never what this comic was about. It was about how I feel. I guess awhile ago I tried to deal with stuff that was bothering me by just making a joke out of it. It worked for awhile, but it sorta evolved into just writing funny comics with a sort of depressed edge. I really don't want this comic to be about telling jokes for the sake of it being funny. I just want my megaphone back(as the title states). So let's relive the good old days of depressing, funny and insightful comics about my life shall we?

If your still reading, come check out my band pulling two open mics in one night. First will be The Dive around 9:30, then we high tale it over to Krunch around 11. Let me know if you need directions.

Later folks.

"Now you're now you're gone, you're gone. And it's forever. Nothing is the same. Right to right to wrong, to wrong. We'll come together. Time to make a change."
(Strength, Zebrahead)
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