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8/7/08 "Threw new eyes"
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>Thanks to Tiff for cool new glasses. This comic has two layers, one I had in mind and another I didn't think about till I was doing the comic. The first was when I had my new sunglasses I felt like Tom Cruise in Risky Business so I was trying to incorperate that. The second was that I got a haircut and have new different glasses. So I look a lot different then before. So I imagine people will be perplexed which I always characterize as what the fuck haha.

Okay one more day of work and I am free. Later.

"Cuz I want to see, what's on sale whats for free. Every time I go to shop I steal from enemies. Who steal from me, and from you. If only you knew, then you would steal too."
(Five Finger Discount, Chocking Victim)
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