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1/16/09 "I dream of modeling toilets in the big leagues"
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I imagine some of you tuned in thinking I'm literally doing the title. That I dream of wearing a toilet on a runway haha.

Yup, for my portfolio I'm modeling a bathroom, lot's of stuff to model. Also it's true, they hardly ever talk about background design, I mean you gotta build all that stuff.

Tis all, later.

"I was nervous from the start that our muscles might tear us apart(are muscles tearing us apart?). From the words that carve our lives to the words that take us by surprise(I was never taken by surprise). From the sounds that disappeared to the changes we begin to fear(I can hear you clearly). One day I'll fail to breathe, and all you'll have are memories(All we have are memories)"
(Time Turn Fragile, Motion City Soundtrack)
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