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3/21/09 "And they say music brings people together"
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It's true. I'll even give you an example. I'll say Classical Arrangement by Dillinger Four is the best song on the record, in which she will scream hell no or Playmate of the Year by Zebrahead is cool, which she'll just laugh at me. Yea.

Later folks.

"Oh take a chance. Let your body get a tolerance. I'm not a chance, but a heat wave in your pants. Pull a breath like another cigarette. Palms up, I'm trading 'em (trading 'em). I'm the oracle in my chest. Let the guitar scream like a fascist. Sweat it out, shut your mouth. Free love on the streets. But in the alley and I ain't that cheap, now."
(I Don't Care, Fall Out Boy)
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