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3/30/09 "Realism is dead(at least for me)"
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It indeed has been a very very long time since I drew something that at least looked realistic. Granted I do better realistic with pencil then pen, which I used. When I thought about it, I did sketch Maria Shriver at work cause she had her picture on some thing. Suffice to say, it was bad. The last time I recall drawing something good that was realistic was figure drawing in college. I've been meaning to get back into still life and figure drawing. Just refresh and shake of this cartoonness.

As for Jury Duty. I was called in for a federal jury duty. So I made $40 dollars today plus 55 cents per mile I had to travel to get to center city. I got lucky, I got sent to a trial but they didn't pick me, so they said I could go home and didn't have to come tomorrow. WOOOOO!!! Even though I wasn't picked, I did the math. I'd make almost as much at jury duty then at work. Interesting.

Well that's all folks. Later.

"The sun sets tomorrow but I won't be there. I don't know what happened, too much has changed."
(Parting Ways, Slick Shoes)
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