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4/13/09 "Out in the City"
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Yup left the house in search of Comics and spending gift cards. I found comics in the form of Brave New Worlds. A sweet comic shop in Center City. Though it didn't have as many back issues of Deadpool as I hoped, but I got some. And book called, Bookhunter, a graphic novel about a book detective. Look forward to reading it.

Afterwards I went searching for this fabled George's Music store Google told me existed in Center City (also ran into my old college friend Chris). Alas I didn't find it.

In reference to the Google at Siggraph thing. They always have a booth at Siggraph. In case you were wondering.

"The sin of property. We do disdain. No man has any right to buy and sell. The earth for private gain. By theft and murder. They took the land. Now everywhere the walls. Spring up at their command."
(The World Turned Upside Down, Billy Bragg)
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