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10/17/10 "Oh yea"
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Well I finally broke down and bought some new pens to ink my comics, YAY!!!

Went to Sugarmoms and hung out with my good friend and producer of Underbelly Justin Silverman (Animator Dave was there too). The last panel is kinda an in joke but hey, it's my comic.

Also in website news, my intern has been hard at work setting up a new website for me, as off monday we will switch over to that. Regular notifications on the respective blogs (and updates on facebook) will remain, just a new updated website will be up. Which will have Rss feeds and an application to have the comic emailed to you.

That is all for now, see you next time.

"I'd like to believe we could reconcile the past. Resurrect those bridges with an ancient glance. But my old stone face can't seem to bring her down. She remembers bridges, burns them to the ground.”
(Cumbersome, Seven Mary Three)
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