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11/26/10 "Unexciting Black Friday Story"
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This is the first time in like three years that I went to Black Friday as a customer and it was kinda low key. I wanted a certain PS3 bundle only available at Wal Mart, for those of you who don't know, I hate this particular Wal Mart. So the idea of waking up as early to stand in line just to get in and have them run out was not a particular appealing idea. But I was gonna go around 7, so I set my alarm and went to sleep. I neglected however to make sure it was am not pm. So I woke up late and ended up getting to WalMart at 8. They opened at midnight so I was hoping that the craziness would be over by then. Surprisingly I was right and the rest is documented.

Also if you have playstation 3 add me, across_the_star.
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