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6/23/11 "To Late of a Night In NY"
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The night I was collecting comic writing from my co workers some of us partied late into the night. To put the comic in perspective, Newark is the second train I take, so I'd basically do a trip that normally takes 45 min or so, in 28. Needless to say it wasn't going to happen. Since I wasn't in close proximity for a pickup I made the call to wait till the next train I could take at Penn Station, which wasn't till 4am. Remember kids, it was only 1:20 or so when I got there. Luckily I was still kinda drunk so time passed quickly and I was on the train. Sadly I feel asleep and passed my stop. Lucky for me the conductor woke me up and I only missed it by a stop. So I got off at the next stop and headed back to Newark. It was around 5am at this time and the next train wasn't till 6. So once again I waited. Soon enough I was on the train and back at the house. I collapse on the couch(Not bothering to change into PJS) and slept for about 20 min, got showered changed and headed to my train to start my commute for work. It was so soon between the train I just got off and the one I had to catch the conductor recognized me and didn't bother to check my ticket.

Thus I learned the valuable lesson to think out my exit strategies a little more thoroughly.

"Leif and I are on the train, to New York. Car thriteen-ninety-nine. There's a guy with a quarter in his ear and I've seen Leif only once in the past 2 months."
(The Way His Collar Falls, Saves The Day)
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