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8/12/11 "This Song Goes Out to Paco"
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To be honest this comic was kinda intimidating. It's the climax of the story, it's what you've all been waiting for. For the song I had a few in mind but I threw them all out in favor of the Reggie and the Full Effect classic Congratulations Smack +Katie(click here if you wanna hear how it's suppose to sound). This song was perfect for two reasons. First it has history in the comic as being the first lyrics I used in the newspost, second it is a great rock out song.

Hope you enjoy and stay tuned, the story's end draws near(no pun inteded).

"And soon you'll look away. And know your right. And say that you know. Stay and know tonight. And say that you know."
(Congratulations Matt and Christine, Reggie And The Full Effect)
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