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8/5/11 "Promo Tim is in"
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That is Promo Tim. He's been around pretty much since I started the comic on the internet. Whenever I'd do any promo drawings(Which I should start doing again) I would draw Promo Tim. Only recently have I gave this version of me a name. Promo Tim is not apart of the daily comic, mostly he is the face of Stars on the Ceiling, thus making him almost a model. I thought it be interesting to make this version of me kinda egotistical and think he is superior to the other Tims cause he is suppose to be the perfect rendition of me.

Existential huh?

"My situation brings me down again. Boredom wraps it's long arms around me. My inhibitions were thrown out the door so long ago. Now I sit here and I can't breathe."
(Day By Day, Mad Caddies)

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