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1/9/12 "Expectations"
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To me if they had a beer I liked (Yuengling, pabst, non stout yards) I think I'd be a bit happier with the arcade games. Also I was correct it was crowded, but not nearly as bad as you'd think, they actually stopped people from coming in so it didn't get to crowded, which is pretty nice. I'd give it another chance if I find a beer I'd like there and possibly not go on a weekend. Also when I speak of the mid school I talk about 90's arcade games, like xmen, simpsons, or even turtles. The type of games you find towards the back of any arcade on a boardwalk. Wishful thinking I guess.

"Mary, I Worried And Stalled Through Every Night Of My Life. Better Safe, Than Making The Party. And I Never Had A Good Time, I Sat By My Bedside, with Papers, And Poetry About Estella. Great Expectations. We Had The Greatest Expectations."
(Great Expectations, The Gaslight Anthem)
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