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5/17/13 "Stable-ish"
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The first time I quit my job and went to New York, I was a part time cashier/stocker. Now I'm a full time employee with Health benefits. Granted I'll probably make more working there, but it'll cost me more to commute there and live in New York(Crashing at friends places only saves so much money). Don't get me wrong, I loved the the time I spent in New York, met awesome folks, made work I was proud of, and had fun(some argue to much =0p). Maybe when the right opportunity arises I'll go back. For now, looks like I'm staying in town.

"You wrote me a letter just the other day. Said, "Springtime is coming soon so why don't you come to stay." I packed my stuff, got on the bus, I can't believe it's true. I'm three days from New York City and I'm three days from you."
(New York City, They Might Be Giants)
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