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6/26/13 "Conspiracy Theory"
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It was a funny thought I had. It does sound like it could be a conspiracy. If the mattress industry was in a slump or something. Though the bug bites prove otherwise.

So I did get into the Troc to see Alex Winter. It was not as crowded as I thought it be. They opened with his new Documentary Downloaded. It was a documentary haha. Then he did some Q and A about the documentary and Bill and Ted. Apparently his favorite of the two Bil and Ted Movies is the second one because “It's more his humor”. Then Bill and Ted. Still funny. Unfortunately I won no prizes for trivia or raffle. Good night at Movie Monday.

"You can move the room around. But the furniture won't change your life. It won't change your life. You can change the color of your hair. And get tattoos everywhere. Might not change your life. Then again it might."
(Furniture, Peter Searcy)
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