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9/20/13 "Calm Down Ladies, It's Just A Drawing"
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Just finished watching Wolverine and the X-men. I'm upset cause they hinted they would have done the age of apocalypse next. Which is my favorite story line(cause I actually read it). Alas there was no second season. Thought I'd draw my guys in the super hero style. I liked how it turned out.

"He's Leaping buildings in a single bound. I'm reading Shakespeare at my place downtown. Come on downtown and make love to me. I'm Jimmy Olsen not a titan, you see. He's faster than a bullet, stronger than a train. He's the one who got lucky got his cape around miss Lois Lane. I can't believe my dilemma is real. I'm competing with the man of steel."
(Jimmy Olsen's Blues, Spin Doctors)
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