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5/14/14 "Me Foot"
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For almost two weeks my foot has been hurting, I'm working on dealing with it short of chopping it off.

While I have your attention fans. I need your help. I plan to make some prints of my comics. I need your suggestion on what are the most representative/best comics I have done. So please look through the archive, or if you can think of one of the top of your head, let me know, an I might make a print of it. Email me here, or leave a comment on the blog you're currently reading this comic on.

"My name is Wepeel. Gotta box full of your toys. They're fresh out of batteries. But they're still makin' noise, makin' noise. Tell me what to do. Now the tank is dry. Now this wheel is flat. And you know what else? Guess what I received, In the mail today. Words of deep concern From my little brother."
(My name is Jonas, Weezer)
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