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6/23/14 "Luckily I Brought Tape"
"Pixel Who"
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Well Wizard World was a good time. For the rest of the week I'll be posting comics about it. Also posting some comics featuring my neighbors, cause they were cool people.

It was very hot to start in that hall, luckily I was under the vent I could cool down. Unfortunately it blew my shit around. So I just taped everything down.

Today's neighbor is the Awesome Duo of Nathan and Ly of Pixel Who. They basically do pixel versions of Doctor Who. They had a giant print of all the characters from the David Tennat years. I got an awesome sticker from them.

"I'm so lonely, but that's okay, I shaved my head. And I'm not sad. And just maybe I'm to blame for all I've heard. But I'm not sure. I'm so excited, I can't wait to meet you there. But I don't care. I'm so horny, but that's okay. My will is good."
(Lithium, Nirvana)
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