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4/10/15 "I'm No David Tennant But, Few Men Are"
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Here's the story. I was wearing the shirt mentioned above at my booth at Wizard World. A guy cosplaying as the 9th Doctor said I'm can't be the Doctor. Joking with him I said I was the 16th doctor(miscounted Doctors at the time, but still it doesn't matter) and kept saying “I'm finally Ginger”, thinking we'd have a nice laugh. But no, he continued to insist I couldn't be the Doctor. Soon he was joined by a supporter that was passing by at the time. It was ridiculous and just baffled me. I think I eventually just stopped talking and let them believe what they want.

That aside, me and Abigail are heading to Secaucus, NJ for East Coast Comicon. Head over to booth 705!
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