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5/11/15 "Wizard World 2015 Recap"
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Another Wizard World in the books, I welcome any new readers out there.

Like the comic says, nothing exciting happened. But I did drink a lot of Wild Bill's Soda(love the black cherry). But I had a cool neighbor named Missy who sold dolls for charity called The PRL's Dang it Dolls. And a Sebastian who draws an interesting comic called The Family Blend! Saw my good friends Nicole and Nicole from Night Owl Designs and Rainbow Alternative. And got to see Pixel Who again. All and all, It was okay.

Now we set our sights on AC Boardwalk Comic Con. Come find me at table 1605 in creator's Alley. Be there.

"When I feel that coming tension I wanna run in your direction. When panics got me by the collar I need to go your way. If it feels right I'm gonna stay out tonight."
(Cut The Tension, Lifetime)
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