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8/17/15 "Another Ghost Town"
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First off, I hate to say anything bad about good cons. Cause Intervention was a good con, it was well organized and everybody seemed to be having fun. Unfortunately there were hardly any people walking around buying things. Which is kinda the point of me going. This could be an isolated case, I haven't been to more then one to judge. But this is not a good first impression. We shall see if I'll be there next year. Though I encourage you all to check it out.

One last show! Baltimore Comic Con approaches.

"You'll wind up in some factory. That's full-time filth and nowhere left to go. Walk home to an empty house. Sit around all by yourself. I know it might sound strange but I believe. You'll be coming back before too long."
((Don't Go Back To) Rockville, R.E.M.)
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