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11/9/16 "The Drumpf Has Won"
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We all thought it couldn't happen, we thought this idiot, this bigot, this shitty person would not be elected. That his faults would drag him down, he'll self implode and we would just deal with Hillary. But no. Not only did he win, he fucking crushed Hillary. I thought if there was a chance he would win, it would be a close race, that he would barely win. But no, a large part of this country decided this fucking guy should lead us.

My only sliver of hope is that somehow we will keep his madness to a minimum. That all his ridiculously stupid plans will not come to pass. That is wishful thinking, but I need to believe we can be good in spite of our decision.

In conclusion, if he makes it through all four years of what I will generously call his presidency,I will be fucking surprised. Not because we will have him kicked out of office, but through him quitting because it's too hard.

"Are you keeping up, or are you falling down?"
(Pensacola, Banner Pilot)
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