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2/8/16 "Dammit Dekard"
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I didn't even know a brownie could be slutty. In any case, excited to hang out at The Troc with the other regulars. To answer my question. They're called Blade Runners cause the name sounds cool.

Convention news everyone. This weekend in Warminster I will be appearing at Zolocon. I'll have my usual prints postcards and books. Also for the first time ever, I will be offering commissions! Exciting.

"I try to raise my mind to stop the recoil. There will come a day though. Smash your fucking halo. And I won't be the one to say what's wrong or right to you. Lead you to the riverside. Make you drink until it's dry."
(Ode To The North American Snake Oil Distributor, Dillinger Four)
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