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3/21/16 "Galactic Con"
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If you're just tuning in, welcome and thanks!

Galactic Con was amazing. My only gripe is the lack of more then one men's bathroom on the first day. Otherwise a good con. Everybody loved my new Star Lord print(sadly few takers) and I had a few commissions. Also did an interview with podcast Geeks & Ghosts. So far it's been a successful year for my cons. And I hope that trend continues!

The con train keeps rolling along, next up, on April 3rd I head back to Jersey for the Tom's River Jersey Shore Comic Con. I think it'll be a fun show. Be there!

"It once was beautiful. Right here it still is beautiful. In here you once were beautiful. I hear, I hear it can be beautiful. Just remember."
(Just Remember, Sister Hazel)
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