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4/8/16 "What's A CD?"
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It's here! "In Orbit" by We Have A Spaceship! Rest assured there are more then the three songs that I reference in the comic. But six tracks of We Have A Spaceship goodness and cover art by your truely. Visit here to download the full ep(or our album if you haven't yet). Also check out the lead single lyric video for Same Day(the leaving work song from the comic). Check it out!

It's time! Tomorrow I will be at Camden Comic Con located at my alma mater Rutgers Camden. It's free to get in and it's oh so close to Philly. See you all there!

"Until I clock out. And I can go home. And I get to do what I want with all of my free time. So when I clock out. And turn off my phone. I can take care of myself and clear my mind!"
(Same Day, We Have a Spaceship)
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