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8/22/16 "Newark Comic None"
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Welcome new readers! Glad you stopped by.

Newark Comic Con, boy was it an experience. As a believer of bad news first, here's the bad news. It was an ill-conceived, poorly executed con. First was the surprise of it being outdoors. There was no indication at all that it would be this way. An 11 hour con outside in the heat! Are you kidding me. The first come first serve system of claiming space. Granted it could work, as long as you didn't run out of tables. Which they did. I literally had to bug people to get one and ended up dragging a table to a spot. Which was round, instead of rectangle like ever other table. It baffles me why they couldn't take the time to do a layout. Because in the end you have vendors hopping around taking spaces that are empty just to get a better spot. The rest of the day was full of worrying about the wind knocking over my stuff and struggling to hear people over the music that was playing way to close to the outside vendors. A minor but annoying point. I didn't even get a badge, because they ran out! Seriously, they ran out of badges for vendors. I'm guessing it was a surprise that people showed up to a con they paid for. In the end I left early. I am not alone in this annoyance with this con. Fellow Con travelers Roye also left early, and J.M Desantis wrote his own angry post about this con.

There is good news though, despite the shabbiness of the set up for vendors, for what I read, the attendees had a great time. Which I think is important too. Also the price for a table was very reasonable. And despite the music getting in the way. I really liked the performances by Megaweapon and Choirfly. While Abigail enjoyed Reakt. I met some cool fans, sold some things, got interviewed by Nerd Slant, and got followed by Thunder Kittens(wrestling).

The burning question is, would I go back? Currently I'd say hell no. But in the back of my mind I'd say, with a lot of changes and a better showrunner, I'm thinking maybe.

With that said, we leave this behind and move along. TO BALTIMORE COMIC CON!!! Last year was fun so I look forward to it! Later!

"Good things won't let you wait. I'll catch up when we get home. At home I'll leave. A dollar under water keeps on dreaming for me."
(Lucky Denver Mint, Jimmy Eat World)
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