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12/15/17 "Patronage"
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The way I feel about it is that people are just giving you money. Granted there are probably perks or behind the scenes things and it is supporting the artist. But I'm more old fashioned in the sense that you give me money I give you something in return. Like when I go to shows to sell stuff. I think the biggest thing stopping me is what to offer in the way of incentives. Maybe an exclusive comic or offers of sketches. So I ask you loyal readers. If I did start up a patreon what kinda things could I offer to entice you to support me? Leave comments on your respective outlet.

"Admire me, admire my home. Admire my son, he's my clone. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. This land is mine, this land is free. I'll do what I want but irresponsibly. It's evolution, baby."
(Do the Evolution, Pearl Jam)
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