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5/31/17 "Admit It, I had You At Mind Orgies"
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For those who are wondering what I'm talking about, Sense8 is a show on Netflix about 8 people who are telepathically linked. It has a diverse cast that have individual lives but mesh well together. It's a great show and in it's two season is pulling back to a larger world and I'm excited to find out. Though I am annoyed season 2 ended on a cliffhanger even without it I can't wait for season 3. A unique thing about this show besides it's diverse cast is that even though it's a sci-fi show, there are hardly any special effects in it. There is a lot of globe trotting(which I imagine justifies it's 9 million an episode price tag) but there is no real sci fi type things. At the heart of the show is the ensemble cast and the bond that grows within them and the few regular characters. Also the struggles the characters go through but eventually overcome(you know tv and all). Though it is a touching show, when there is action it's pretty awesome. As for the mind orgies comment. In the first season when single characters had sex the rest of the cluster(term for the group of connected people) seem to join in with their minds. In the second season they kinda don't do such things.

I hope they make a third season, or at least answer the lingering questions. But seriously go watch it. It's really good.

"I kept your picture just behind the eye. Those weeks when our distance grew. Drove north where I found. You waiting in Des Moines. Thank god I'm not losing you."
(The D in Detroit, The Anniversary)
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