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ok so Tim asked me a while ago to do a guest comic for him when he hit the big 500. I originally did one on the bus ride home from the DC trip in April. I was going to redo it since the story behind it is quite humorous... well not so much for tim...but when I thought about it I figured bringing it back up 2 months later was like beating a dead horse. I wasn't quite sure what to do for a comic then I came across one of his later ones about a dance... so I decided to do something silly and completely irrelevant to anything starting with the dance scene. I hope everyone found humor in this. I giggled when I was drawing it. Luv ya Tim!!! way to go!!!! and I'm honored to be a part of this!!!!

<3 Jess

"If I knew what to do I'd do it/If I knew where to go/I'd get there someday/If I knew how to fly/I'd fly away/I'd fly away and forget about life for a while" (Lost at 22, Life Of Agony)