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Mark Savory
I read a news article recently which said Voyager 2 was approaching the termination shock. That's the very edge of the sun's heliosphere (a bubble of particles affected by the solar wind). Beyond that is interstellar space. Voyager 2 is about 6.5 billion miles away, and Voyager 1 is 8.7 billion. The point is, it made me wonder just how far that might actually *be.* It's pretty staggering to actually think about, and to realize that after all this time and distance, both Voyagers are but a stone's throw away in interstellar terms.

This week, Tim has reached 500 comics. That's a heckava lot of comics, and quite an achievement. It made me wonder how far reaching the goal of 500 comics really is. To me, it's like the distance of Voyager 2 (if not Voyager 1!). At my current pace, it would be something like four more years before I approached 500, and that's if I didn't take any time off, and didn't run out of things to say. Meanwhile, Tim would be at about 900 or 1000 comics by then! An astronomical figure to be sure.

I wouldn't blame Tim for taking a vacation, on account a he's certainly deserves one! Congrats, Tim!


"Holiday! (Holiday!) Holiday! (Holiday!) Holiday in Havana! The thrill of romance. While you dance with a lovely covanna! Holiday! (Holiday!) Holiday! (Holiday!) Hear the music of carnival day! Dance your cares away, That's the Cuban way! It's Havana's holidays! You won't have a care as the joy of laughter fills the air You'll thrill with romance At the start or at the close of every dance!"
(Holiday in Havana, Desi Arnaz & His Orchestra)
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