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10/28/05 "It's a mystery scoob"
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Well the goatee is gone. I shaved mostly cause of my costume. For those of you that already know, good, for everybody else your gonna have to wait till tomorrow, or halloween to find out. Hopefully nobody will spoil the suprise.

Well it's another day another comic. *sigh*. I only did two panels cause I've been doing one for the past couple of days. *sigh* hope you guys are still enjoying the comic. Like always I got nothing to say. I might do that early update so I am more energized to rant. But I guess the old schedule is alright. Eh, anyway guys. Tomorrow might be hard to update cause I'm gonna be out all day. So, we'll see what time I update. *sigh* never fear there will be a comic tomorrow, I promise. I'll see you tomorrow. Take care. *Sigh*

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