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10/29/05 "Thank you very much"
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I haven't mastered the art of updating buzzed/drunk so bear with me.

I started the day by driving my friend to king of prussia. Traffic is a fucking whore that should be beaten. When we got to where we were going, which was a pitch meeting to sell a timeshare or a vaction deal we were glad. We went to the meeting. The guy we got asked us "your not gonna buy this aren't you" which we responded "no". But he guessed we were rockers and started to talk about his label that is looking to pick up some rock acts. It seems whenever complete strangers ask if we are in a band we get offered something. Unfortuantly the last time it didn't pan out, but it's nice.

Next I went to the opening of the student/teacher art show. It was cool. Looked at some art talked with my friends, but I had to go. I was to attend a party.

I got to the party around 9, my friends band long finished up playing and was packing up. So I just hung around the party and had a few beers. The party ended at 11 and I went home.

Which leads us to now. I drew a comic and put it up. That's about it. Just sitting here alone updating.

That's all guys. Thanks again for coming back. See you tomorrow.

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