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6/26/05 "Hopefully I'm Not Getting Repeditive"
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Today I went out for a drive. I went out to University City. I'm starting to like it up there. For some reason. Just the cool name"University City". Kinda wanna do a story with that name. But whatever. I actually found an arcade. What sucks is that it had to many fighting games. I played some Time Crisis and went away. I miss arcades, arcades where you use quarters, not tokens, not FUCKING cards, quarters. Like in the days when I was a kid. Unfortuantly I don't wanna go to the shore to actaully find an arcade.

Some might ask why I didn't write about my trip. I really didn't want to draw a car or me playing an arcade game. Actually now that I think about it, maybe I should have. Oh well, enjoy.

Unfortuantly jokes about writing this comic seem to happen frequently lately. I'm worried it'll get repditive, cause I don't want to keep doing the jokes about writing it.

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