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6/27/05 "What Came First?"
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Well today...SUCKED. I was tired all fucking day. I went to work. At 12:00 the whole library staff decided to go to a bar-b-que, I was left to "manage the store". Luckly nobody decided to come up to the counter with anything I couldn't do. Eventually I got a turn to take a crack at the bar-b-que. Not bad. After work I went to class. It is a animation fundimentals, encompasing introductions to classical, web and computer animation. Seems like it'll help when I get to the acutaly classes. Sadly this is my last year, so I waited to the end of my college years to actually take classes for my major. *slaps head*. Well to make myself feel better I'll look at it this way: If I make amazing work in just a year, maybe I'll get a job.

Afterwards Kelly and I went down to Golden Empress for dinner. It was good.

I've noticed I'm actually talking about my day here with words instead of comics. Wow this is turning into a regular journal. Fuck.

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