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9/12/05 "Standing up (even though he just sat there)"
"Just the girl I'm looking for?"
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Comic 1
I did feel like a conformist by actaully following the directions to a lame ass assignment. The guy's name was Sean. He didn't draw anything. He said I could take his space. So I had the brillant idea to write "protest" in the space. When they were talking about the work the whole class did, they made it a speacial interest to look at my phrase. They praised me for being so creative, kinda not understanding why exactly I wrote it. After I wrote it I kinda felt stupid, because the better idea was to do nothing instead of actually doing something with the space. In any case it was an interesting class.

Comic 2
I was conflicted weither to do this comic as a Stars on the Ceiling or as an As of Yet Untitled. For obvious reasons. But I decided to go for it.

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