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9/13/05 "Who wouldn't"
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Well I put goldfinger's cover of "feel like making love" on a cd. It got stuck in my head. Grrrr, I hate that.

I watched the new show "Bones". It wasn't a very good, but Bones was extremely hot. Unfrotunatly her hottness didn't even out, the half hearted wanna be sentament of the characters acting, but it was nice. Also apperently they put a stalker in the mix for some reason. I have a feeling it won't be the last of that character.

Kelly went to the goodwill near her house to pick up some furniture. I went in and found a nice librarins sweater. Dark green, only 4 bucks. I also got a 15% discount for being a college student. So a end table, 2 chairs and the sweater came out to less then 20 bucks. Ahhh lovely.

School's hard, mostly cause I am very lazy. Got lot's of work I should get done but have put off cause I am very lazy. However I got plenty of time to do my little comic. How nice.

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