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2/17/06 "Special Guest Pt.2"
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Well I forgot I already did a comic called, "vistor". So I had to change it. I don't know how long Davez(spikeyz, I found out the character has a different name) will stick around. But I'm enjoying having someone to do a "bar scene" with. Just hang out with a drink talking about the day. I must say, considering I never talked Davez a day in my life, I'm having fun with this. I think this is one of my few really cool drawn comics. I also love how his eyes came out in the last panel. Unfortuantly the panels didn't come out to good.

Well dentsit, blah blah blah.

I've noticed I might as well abandon any time to update. Because I generally update at different times. Whether because I don't feel like waiting or that I'm going to be busy that night. So I decided to just update whenever I get a comic done. I'll still update everyday. Just not at the same time.

I also like to mention, if you have anybody has a xanga, livejournal, or myspace. You can subscribe to my blog through your respective journals, it's the same thing as on here. The difference is that you can comment on each comic and you can subscribe so you'll know when I update. Just putting it out there.

Well I'm talkative today, that's it. I'll be back tomorrow.
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