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2/18/06 "I promised"
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In addition to the punch line I said "You should be more worried on how bad I'll draw you". I think she got offended, but I assured her it was because of my drawing skills of girls (ask Lucy).

It was great hanging out with Dave. Liz was great to hang out with too. She is terribly cute (I say it cause it's true and if she reads this it might piss her off, ha). I didn't drink much cause I had to drive. Dave never got to be drunk in american so I gave him a break. Next time he's driving. Another funny thing was that a really drunk guy jumped on a table then fell off and hit a chair. Haha. I was like they shouldn't worry about the bouncers hurting him, they should worry about him hurting himself. Look forward to the next time.

I watched My Date with Drew, it made me sad. Him doing something to reach his dreams. Just made me feel like a failure a little. But eh, I'll get over it. I got comics to make.

Well that's all, night night.
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