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6/13/06 "Boink"
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I'M AN ANIMATOR!!! The company that passed me over for another animator IMed me yesterday. He informed that the animator they got fell through and if I was still interested. WOOOO. I got a job/internship YAY.

This is turning into a whole inspiration arch. I like it. Funny to think about what inspired me too do what I do. And this one is a BIG inspiration. See what I salute tomorrow.

"It was a cloudy night, or so it looked to me, I felt so lost, I couldn't say why. I needed strength to change my mind but those ghosts stick to me like glue, hatin’ life, believing I was no good. It was a darkness all my own a song played on the radio, but it went straight to my heart I carried it with me until the darkness was gone."
(Gone, Bouncing Souls)
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