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6/14/06 "His name is my name too"
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Apparently the new Pistolia site is up. Nick came back two days ago, and we have our first show next Thursday. We're playing with my good friends Without Parachute. Should be an awesome show, check their Myspace or ours to figure out details (I'll give more later).

It continues. Dave had to be in this comic cause he was the one that turned me on too (edited for secrecy). So if your wondering who that guy is,it's Dave.

See it's a combinatiuon of inspiration and just other stuff I like. Basically this week is about paying tribute to things that entertain and inspire (some more then the other).

CHRIS ALLAN IS BACK!!!! Apparently he's been back for awhile, I just had the wrong address. But it's cool to see it back up. Go check it out.

"So I'll let you know. If you need, somewhere to go. I'll be listening when you call. And I'll be there if you fall off. If you need someone to believe in you, I'll let you know I will."
(The Brightest Bulb Has Burned Out, Less than Jake)
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