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7/29/07 "In Comedic Measurments"
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Yup as friday rushes closer I'm getting ready. Lot's to do, lot's to do. Putting my demo reel together, animation, rendering, printing out shirts, resumes and business cards. BUSY!

But don't worry about comic posting while I'm in San Diego. I have a few friends who are bringing laptops and we have free internet in the room. So I figure they'll let me borrow it for a couple minutes to update.

Well I got stuff to do, if I hurry I can avoid it.

"My best-laid plans. We'll build and break your heart. With guilty hands. Tear my whole world apart. My mind keeps racing. She's softly dreaming. I'm scraped and sober. But there's no one listening."
(Chapter XIII, +44)
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