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7/30/07 "Ah the memories"
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Yup after a couple weeks of absence I actually went back to the lab. It was weird to be in there and not have at least two other people in there too, but Polina stopped by for awhile and so did Mike, so I wasn't totally alone. I'm going tomorrow as well, hopefully somebody'll be there to at least let me in.

I have to admit I never really bled in the lab. Metaphorically yes, but not literally. Also I'm alluding to Andy's prowess with using pcp pipe as a blowgun. Thankfully he never hit me.

Well that is all. Later folks.

"Ash his heart onto the ground. Pull his guts out by frustration. Be careful you might kill him. Just cause he can't hear what you say. Doesn't mean that he's not listening. If you listen to your words. He might like what you say."
(Better off Dead, A New Found Glory)
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